Thursday, May 5, 2016

The subtitle says it all: here's why...

gardening hands--not fit for yarn
I got started earlier on the garden than usual, worked in the cold more, got the mulch down earlier (120 bags of cocoa hulls bought and applied, 100 bags of bark mulch of which 60 have been applied so far) deadheaded last year's leftovers (we leave the seedheads on for the winter birds).  The 21 photos below show the results.  Now you know why TK is not knitting.

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Virginia Bluebells
hens and chicks
fern pavement
Berginia and white-stripe grass
view towards the birdbath fountain
from foreground to background: cat mint, Russian sage, climbing roses, berry bushes.  Spring bulbs to the L
Knot garden
veggie/cutting garden to L, peony/clematis border to R
Newton the apple tree with spring bulbs, berry bushes behind
view through hydrangea garden
a view of the shade garden
another view of the shade garden
young smoke bushes
a view of the circle gardens
another view of the circle garden
yet another view of the circle garden (shade garden beyond gazebo to the L)
eating-apple espalier with lipstick strawberries border the sunken garden
cutting and veggie garden
crab apple espalier--veggie/cutting garden to R
forsythia bushes with candy tuft, tree arch in background to R
hostas near house patio


  1. What a beautiful garden! I had no idea it was so large. I found many inspirations in it for my own very small yard, though I'll have to scale them down. It was a good month to get a jump on things in Wisconsin.

  2. Hi MCC--I agree! It has been a terrific spring here in WI for getting things under control.

    Mine IS a large garden, at least by the standards of one person mainly working in it. The yard is 1.5 acres altogether, and probably about a third of that is under cultivation of some sort. Keeps me busy!

  3. Wow spectacular ! I don't know how you find Time to knit,blog , and enjoy the fruits of all your labors.