Monday, November 22, 2010

Dressing the garden, scaring the crows

As it gets colder, more and more clothes go onto the gardeners--a hat, scarf, jacket, sweatshirt and gloves are added to the usual uniform of jeans and t-shirt. Doing active work like raking gets hot, so off comes the hat, then the scarf and sometimes all the rest of it, piece by piece, propped on or draped over whatever garden fixture is nearby.  When several people have all been working for some time, the garden looks like a rummage sale.

Roses in hats, posts wearing gloves and clematis wearing scarves are usually transitory sights, cleaned up by the end of the day.  When forgotten, though, they have the unintended side effect of keeping the crows off balance. A jacket hung from an arch yesterday and forgotten overnight has kept them away so far today. I almost hesitate to bring it in.

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