Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why a gardener would clean house

Due to a bit of luck with the removal of a large useless object, a room opened up in my basement recently. Into this newly-empty space, I intend to move my seed-starting operation.  Although I'm sure the neighbors (and maybe local law enforcement) will wonder at all the bright lights streaming out of the basement windows on a daily timer, I'm as excited about this as a dog with two tails.

To get ready, I've begun a major house-cleaning project.  Once everything is truly clean and orderly, it will be a lot easier to draw together all the plant resources currently tucked into random corners and move them to their new space.  The vision of a large, clean, new plant-starting space, with room for every sort of plant my heart could desire is such a shining promise, that the cleaning is going far faster than any cleaning project in the history of this house.  Faster than any cleaning project in the history of my life.

Since "hitting the high spots" is more my cleaning style than massive cleaning projects, I KNOW my family is wondering what's up.  None of them is foolish enough to enquire too closely though, lest they be ensnared into cleaning too.  Further, none of them cares the least bit about gardening, so none of them reads this blog.  Result: I haven't yet had to come clean (har!) with the details.


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