Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeing the future

When I look out the window at the garden, I see a square of tree roses underplanted with tiny box bushes. I'm quite proud of how every bush has survived in our harsh climate, and how everything lines up really well. I look with deep satisfaction at how each perennial bed is centered on a 6' willow grafted to a standard, with the plants in each bed rising like a pyramid to this centering planting.  The paths are raked, the patios free of leaves, the fountain sparkling and birds fly between the birdbath and the feeder, both immaculately clean. Also, it is sunny, I am sipping a cool drink and the patio umbrella casts its shadow on a fully laid picnic.

When a reality-based person looks at the same scene, they see a patch of lawn torn up, perennial beds completely empty of any plants whatsoever, muddy paths, patios littered with leaves, a bird feeder which could use a topping up and a birdbath with only an inch of water.  They see that the fountain is empty and has been for a month and that because the temperature is hovering around 35 degrees, the patio umbrella has been put away as has the table.  However, the hoses are still out, although they should not be, as the weather is liable to plunge into a winter-long freeze any day now.

This disconnect is called the "gardener's vision" by me, and "delusion" by everyone, but everyone, around me.  Should I be worried?

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